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Lion Research & Volunteer Project

 Soil erosion control
African Wildlife Safaris manages a Volunteer Lion Research project that is based in a 5000 hectares private game reserve situated in close proximity to the Orpen Gate, Kruger National Park.
Project Objective:
-Monitor and record movement and behaviour
-Record data on predator- prey relationship
-Monitor and record data on elephants, rhino, buffalo.
-Monitor nocturnal activities at designated points with an Infra Red Camera
-Conservation interventions such as combating Soil Erosion
A typical seven day programme:
Day One:
Arrival with a briefing on the project and facilities.
Introduction to lion behaviour and research objectives.
Light Lunch
Afternoon drive starts at 18h00 with telemetry equipment to locate the lions.
Following the lions till about 21h00. Photographing and noting the activities of the lions.
Dinner. Participation in preparations and cleaning up.
 students with tracking device to monitor lions
Day Two:
Light Breakfast
Drive to the last recorded lion sighting.
Locating of the lions to monitor what they have been up to.
Drive and track the rhinos. Walk and tracking to locate the white rhinos. Identify according to ear profile cards.
Light lunch
Transfer of data to a computer.
Afternoon drive to locate the lions and following to record relevant data till 19h00. Continue on a night drive.
Day Three:
Light breakfast
Drive to a soil erosion site. Group work on combating soil erosion till 10h00.
Light Lunch
Afternoon drive to locate the lions. Monitor movements till 20h00.
Midnight drive to locate lions and monitor movements and activities.
hyena cub at den
Day Four:
Light Breakfast
Drive and track the breeding herd of buffalo. Walk in and observe the male/female ratio.
Transfer of data to a computer.
Afternoon/night drive with the objective to locate the breeding herd of elephants. Observe feeding and recording of species. Document the GPS location of the herd.
dangerous pieces of wires removed from abandoned area 
Day Five:
Light Breakfast
Drive and locate the lions. Monitor and record all relevant information. Locate and identify prey species since last observations.
Transfer of information to the data base.
Afternoon walk to patrol for snares and removal if any is found. GPS recording of poaching sites. 
General night drive. Placing of remote Infra Red Camera at waterhole for the night.
placing of remote infra red camera at waterhole for the night
Day Six:
Light Breakfast
Retrieve Infra Red Camera.
Locate lions and monitor movements.
Transfer of data and down-loading of photos.
Afternoon night drive to locate lions, leave after brief observation.
Locate the elephants and monitor position and nocturnal activity.
learning to change a tyre  distributing grass seeds
Day Seven: 
Morning walk.
Participants that leave are de-briefed and transferred to destination.
 distributing lime to improve soil quality  soil erosion control
Additional activities include:
-Day visits to Kruger National Park
-Cultural Village
-Reptile Park for Venomous snake handling course
-Scenic route
These activities are all voluntary and is for the individuals own expense.
Cost at R6600,00 per person sharing for 7 days.
This includes all the activities within the reserve. Include accommodation and all meals.
Kindly note that every person in the group is responsible to assist with cooking, cleaning-up, general camp maintenance etcetera that is part of a working holiday.
 Your highly qualified guide during the volunteer project with Elephant in the background

From R1100 per person per day  

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